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Educated in several acronyms across the globe (UNISR, SFI, MIT), I'm now Lead A.I. Scientist for Coveo, after the acquisition of my own A.I. startup, Tooso.

In previous lives, I managed to co-build a company in Silicon Valley, do scienc-y things for a professional basketball team, simulate a pre-Columbian civilization and give an academic talk on videogames (among others improbable "achievements"​). My research and industry work has been featured several times in the general press and presented in international venues.

If you want to know more about my ideas on A.I., NLP and enterprise software, feel free to check my articles, get some more details from Linkedin, or just write me a message if anything here rings a bell.


Some coding projects, often linked to verbose blog posts. Don't try this at home.

Medium & Public Talks
Unsolicited opinions about the meaning of life, the universe and everything (but mostly A.I. topics, data engineering, and my general data science vision). For example:

* data engineering and data devOps:
    • Tensorflow & AWS Lambda;
    • probabilistic programming & AWS Lambda;
    • web-scale analytics and AWS Lambda.

* A.I. and NLP:
    • explaining big numbers with compositionality of facts and words;
    • doing Auto-ML with symbolic regression;
    • concept learning through Bayesian inference;
    • Pythonic model-theoretic semantics for dummies;
    • an opinionated overview of the current A.I. landscape.

* Misc. data science topics:
    • Spark trees and Python micro-services;
    • self-driving cars on a budget;
    • time series classification through "visibility graphs".

* A.I. meetup and talks:
    • A.I. with humans and for humans (audio here);
    • less (data) is more.


Tooso was an A.I. company providing smart search and NLP capabilities to big retailers: as co-founder and CTO, I led our tech and data science roadmap.

Tooso was backed by the Alchemist, selected by CDL and named a "Gartner Cool Vendor". Coveo acquired Tooso in July 2019 to accelerate the development of cutting-edge NLP and AI technology for search applications.

The project pioneered data science applied to professional basketball in Italy and Europe (well, it was some time before Brad Pitt's movie). As lead data scientist, I oversaw the team that re-engineered Olimpia Milano workflow for the strategic analysis of basketball "play-by-play" data.

I led the first data analysis and data vizualization effort on Milan's public bike-sharing service (using Processing, Unfolding, Leaflet and TileMill). No bikers (and no bureaucrats) were harmed for the project.

Some academia stuff
I have been writing stuff, giving talks and peer-reviewing papers in a bunch of fields (computer science, computational social sciences, agent-based models, cognitive sciences, urban studies, ontology, philosophy of A.I.): some stuff is linked below.

* Less (Data) is More (DATA 2019 pre-print)
* Prediction is Very Hard, Especially About Conversion (KDD 2019 pre-print)
* Simulation of a Trust and Reputation Based Mitigation Protocol for a Black Hole Style Attack on VANETs
* Contradictory Information Flow in Networks with Trust and Distrust
* There’s Plenty of Boole at the Bottom

I'm also a very proud author of Cellular Automata on the Stanford Encyclopedia, which may well be "the most interesting website on the internet" (or not).

If you need some pre-print/free version of something I wrote/taught/presented, just drop me a line.